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How To Get Rid Of Obnoxious Fordyce Spots On Your Face

Fordyce spots are raised in small bumps appear on the penis, labia, scrotum, or next to the lip. They can be red light, yellow-white. They are very common in both men and women.


Harmless spots that can cause concern for their appearance, but do not offer any health risk. It is an aesthetic concern only. Read the below article to find the way how to get rid of Fordyce spots on your face.


What are Fordyce spots?

Fordyce spots are formed by a mixture of bacteria, sebum lipids, broken flakes and dead cells around the hair follicles in the form of microfiber. It is usually white or yellow, and you can see them after performing pressing, molding by fingertips and automatically fills the pores after a 30-day cycle.


These Fordyce spots are formed entirely natural, not a sign of infection. They make sebum circulated, pushed slowly to the skin surface. This Fordyce spots commonly found in the nose, thin skin on the nose or chin, and very often confused with blackheads – a type of acne.


Unlike blackheads, these Fordyce spots is an inevitable part of the human skin, and you can not treat them thoroughly. However, as we age, the sebaceous glands will slow down, and thereby effectively reduce the Fordyce spots also will be less than the formation.


Fordyce spots often formed in clusters, according to the same array in multiple areas of the face such as the nose lubricants or chin.


Fordyce spots peak is gray, or dark brown rather than black coal as blackheads.

Fordyce spots present on the vast majority of the nose of the adults and no clues related to acne in general.


How to get rid of Fordyce spots on your face?

In essence, the reason that Fordyce spots and blackheads formation is relatively similar. Although Fordyce spots is an inevitable part of the human skin and you cannot process them thoroughly, there are some ways to reduce the speed of their formation, eliminating the Fordyce spots long day are effective as follows:


Use peeling-nose stickers

Fordyce spots automatically form every 30 days/fill the same after you’ve removed, but for those who have never touch or handle what you are eliminating is a very significant step.


Use peeling-nose stickers quite useful to do this. Usage is quite simple, you wet nose area with a damp towel and gently paste this piece up, wait 10-15 minutes to dry completely, then slowly peeled off.


The patch will pull out Fordyce spots in the nose area. However, this method should only use one time per month and for the first time because if we apply multiple, this method could widen the nose pores.


Face heat-steam

This way to help your pores open up naturally, gentle skin detoxification, not violent impact should also be enjoyable and efficient. For those who do not have support from machines, only boil a kettle boiling, drop 1-2 green tea bags in the pot, pour water and use a towel to wrap around the jar, put your face in close for  8-10  minutes will have the same effect.


After completion, you should use a towel to wipe lightly steam on your face and use two clean fingers to knead if necessary, and you will see Fordyce spots coming out.


Clay/mud masks

It is an effective way of cleaning, vacuuming the oil and excessing sebum from the pores is a clay or mud mask. With significant components including clay or kaolin, they often clean pores very efficient, especially fit whose have combination and oily skin.


You should take these masks one time per week. If you maintain well, you can see your nose cleaned extremely long to 2-3 months without risk of Fordyce spots reappear. You can apply two times per week.


Mechanical exfoliation

There are some ways, such as:

Use specialized products: Use a brush cleanser/face wash machine.

Use sponge from plant fibers (Konjac Sponge).


Chemical exfoliation with BHA

This method is a very affordable method in the world today as exfoliation, cleansing pores effectively. BHA is an abbreviation of Salicylic Acid, with a range of 2% solution.


The molecules of the little liquid penetrate deep into the pores and clean, eliminate exceeding lubricant, handle dead cells and promote the process of cell renewal happening faster and more timely.


Skin that will also overcome many disadvantages of acne, and even slow down the formation process of Fordyce spots.



It is common for people who have Fordyce spots on their lips. If you notice any changes to the genitals or face, you should go to your doctor to check carefully. However,  how to get rid of Fordyce spots not is a health concern.

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