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photon ultrasonic beauty devices

Photon Ultrasonic Beauty Devices: Everything You Need to Know

Have you suddenly noticed fine lines around your eyes? Or maybe your facial skin starts to get dry and dull-looking? This is one of those moments when we realize that aging is slowly creeping up on us. But, we all know that this is an inevitable part of life, and it is something we won’t be able to escape from.


Luckily, countless ways are available to help combat the signs of aging. Going under the knife is one option, but is definitely expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes painful. There are less invasive ways to reverse the signs of aging and using photon ultrasonic beauty machines is one good choice. It costs less, practically pain-free, and you can do it in the privacy of your own home.


What is Photon Ultrasonic Beauty Machines?

Photon ultrasonic beauty machines are gadgets that you can use at home to help you fight the visible signs of aging and other skin problems such as:

  • Sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines
  • Dry and dull skin
  • Dark spots
  • Flabby kin
  • Scarring from acne or stretch marks
  • Extremely oily skin
  • Enlarged pores

These devices lift the skin and help make them firmer and smoother. They stimulate the production of collagen to make your skin smooth, toned and invigorated. It is a highly recommended method of keeping your skin vibrant and young-looking as it is non-invasive and less expensive than facelifts, Botox, or facial surgeries.

A photon ultrasonic beauty machine is a hand-held device that uses ultrasound (ultrasonic) and LED lights (photon) as massage therapy for skin aging and other problems.


How Do Photon Ultrasonic Beauty Machines Work?

As mentioned above, ultrasound and LED lights are the primary components used by these beauty devices. Let’s look at how these two elements do wonders for your skin.


Ultrasound is sound waves with high frequencies of 800,000 Hz up to 2,000,000 Hz that are not heard or seen by humans. An ultrasonic device works by emitting specific frequencies of ultrasound that targets layers of your skin. The depth of the wave penetration depends on how high or low the frequencies are.

The higher the frequency, the less effective the ultrasound is, which means, 2 is stronger than 3. These sound waves encourage blood to flow to your skin and help remove toxins and other impurities. It stimulates the existing collagen and increases its production, for smooth and energized skin.


Photon LED Light

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights are used by photon ultrasonic beauty machines as therapy to fight skin aging. They do this by sending out infrared lights to create heat in different wavelengths and spectrums to penetrate deep down your skin. Once your skin absorbs the lights, the healing begins.

It helps reduce inflammation and removes the bacteria that cause acne. Aside from being a great anti-aging proponent, this is ideal for people who are prone to acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. LED lights come in different colors that have different uses.

RED-generally used for skin healing. It tones down swelling, heals damaged skin, and lessens chances of scarring. It stimulates the growth of your skin to give you smoother and softer skin.

BLUE-used for the control of oil production. It has calming properties to help ease the signs of stressed skin. Perfect for those with sensitive skin and those prone to acne.

GREEN-this also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, but it is mainly used for rejuvenating your skin. It fights free-radicals and improves your overall texture.


The 3 Best Photon Ultrasonic Beauty Machines


1.Professional Vibrating Photon Ultrasonic Skin Care Massager

This skin tightening machine uses 3 million ultrasonic vibrations that penetrate the dermis and boosts the recovery of elasticity and promotes the production of collagen making the fine wrinkles disappear. Using ultrasound, ionic, and LED photon therapies, this device is ideal for use in the delicate skin around the eyes and lips.


The red LED light goes deep down your skin to shrink pores, smoothen fine lines, and erase age spots. The blue light cleans the skin, removes pimple-causing bacteria, helps eliminate acne, and minimizes scars caused by pimples and other skin impurities.


  • Uses ultrasonic, LED, and galvanic technologies
  • Uses both red and blue LED lights
  • Comes in a handy gift box


2.NORLANYA Ultrasonic LED Light Photon Therapy Beauty Skin Care Machine

The Norlanya beauty device penetrates deep down your skin to enhance the production of collagen to give you elastic and firm skin. It uses both ultrasound and photon therapies to increase metabolism, improve blood circulation, and help you fight all visible signs of aging.


This device helps nourish skin remove excess oils and bacteria that cause acne, it rejuvenates your skin cells for a cleaner and fresher feeling. The sonic waves deliver 3 million vibrations per second that won’t hurt your skin and are perfect for eliminating wrinkles on sensitive areas such as around your eyes and lips.


  • Delivers 3.0 million sonic vibrations
  • Uses red and blue LED lights
  • Has sonic waves


3.Carejoy LED Light Photon Ultrasonic Beauty Machine

The Carejoy beauty machine will give you up to 3 million vibrations per second to tighten and improve your skin’s absorption capability so it can keep moisture in. It uses three spectrums of LED colors that rejuvenate, erases acne, and removes dark spots.


It cleanses your skin, reduces fat, and gives your skin and overall healthy appearance. It comes with a grooved collar that holds a cotton pad for an effective skin cleansing. Also included in the package is a pair of eye goggles to protect your eyes from the lights.


  • Offers 3 MHz ultrasound power
  • Uses red, blue, and green photon lights
  • Comes with two audible sounds



Using photon ultrasonic beauty machines can be a great way to fight skin aging. It is absolutely non-invasive, inexpensive, and pain-free, something that you would love doing at home. They work wonders especially if you add a healthy diet and get enough exercise to help fight aging not just for your face, but for your whole body.

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